Journey with a Walk-on

Luke Lindenmeyer

Tight End, Nebraska Cornhuskers, #GBR

Whether learning a new task or working with new people, we all do everything possible to stand out, to make a Difference, and to succeed in the Game of Life.

You're invited to Journey with a Walk-on, Luke Lindenmeyer, who is working hard to get noticed, get on the Field, make the travel team, and ultimately make a contribution to the Nebraska Cornhusker Football team.

Nebraska Coach Sean Beckton asked 6'4 250lb Luke Lindenmeyer to Walk-on due to his freakish athleticism, great hands, and blocking ability. He has the physicality and playmaking ability to have keys to the Nebraska Tight End Room and make a contribution

Walk-on with Luke as a member of the most storied program in the country -- The Nebraska Cornhusker Football Team.  Go Big Red!

Everyone Walks-on Something in Life

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