Luke Lindenmeyer, TE, #44, Nebraska Football

The Path of Perserverance

From Basketball to Football: My Story of Adaptation, Military Grit, and Perseverance

I'm Luke Lindenmeyer, a Division I Tight End and a rotational starter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Raised in a military family, I've learned what grit and perseverance truly mean, both in life and on the field. Initially, I identified more as a basketball player and didn't fully embrace football until the end of my junior year at Papillion La Vista High School. Despite the late start, I attracted attention from prestigious schools like Army, Columbia, and SIU. But deep in my heart, I always felt drawn to Nebraska

The Nebraska Breakthrough

My commitment at summer football camps and a strong senior year in Class A Nebraska football caught the eye of Coach Sean Beckton, Nebraska's Tight End Coach. The challenges of the 2021 COVID year added complexity, but when faced with the choice between a full scholarship at my parents' alma mater, Army, or a Preferred Walk-On spot at Nebraska, I chose to trust myself. It was a bold move, but I was ready to prove my worth, despite the doubts from many.


Defying Doubts

Once I set foot on Nebraska's field, my resolve to succeed only strengthened. Advancing from a 10th string to a 6th string Tight End was a significant challenge, but I embraced it wholeheartedly. I even traveled to Dublin, Ireland for the opening game and faced off against Michigan as a true freshman. Overcoming illness, coaching transitions from Coach Scott Frost to Coach Mickey Joseph, and enduring rigorous winter and spring camps only intensified my drive to excel.

A New Chapter

The arrival of Coach Matt Rhule heralded a fresh start. My hard work and dedication were recognized, earning me the role of rotational starter (TE3) and the primary Tight End for critical short yardage plays. Participating in all 12 games and starting in five during the 2023 season, I earned the title of “unsung hero” from Coach Rhule for my run-blocking in the La Tech game. Now, in the 2024 off-season, I'm adding boxing and speed training to my regimen, relentlessly pursuing improvement.

The Road Ahead

Wrapping up my Redshirt-Freshman year, I realize my journey is just beginning. This path is more than a football story; it's about relentless pursuit, self-belief, and unwavering commitment to my goals. As I strive for excellence at the University of Nebraska, for my team, and in honor of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I hope my journey inspires others to stay true to their dreams. Join me in celebrating each milestone of this incredible journey. Welcome to, where grit meets the gridiron.

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